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Linutop - easier install for a carpc?

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  • Linutop - easier install for a carpc?

    i dont really know much about linutop or linux in car software, but i think it should be able to run any kind of incar programs (hell, its jsut simple mapping and music...) and so, thought you gusy might like to look at it, its would definitely help out some people who dont want to lose any space

    P.s. ofc it would need a little hacking for a different distro and a usb HDD and sound card.. but meh... could work, you linux guys can do almost anything =p
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    I sent them email back in a day and here is reply:

    We are updating the web site and it should answer most of your questions.
    our street price for one unit is € 280 without VAT, plus shipping, and lower by quantity.
    We will notify you for ordering,
    USB 2.0 yes! geode LX 700

    easier to build nano-itx based system - cheaper and faster. also linutop does not have hard drive and is very limited on ram. it will be hard to work with it and it will be damn slow in reading large directories as you will have to connect hard drive through usb.
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      This is great! Stick beast edition and ewf + minilogon on one of those bad boys, put music on usb disk, and have a field day. IGuidance might be a bit iffy.
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