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Hardware monitoring in Jetway J7F2

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  • Hardware monitoring in Jetway J7F2

    Hi. I have a server running on a Jetway J7F2WE1G2E-OC-LV.

    I've been trying to use lm-sensors to read temperatures but no module will work.

    Has anyone managed to read that mobo temperatures under linux?

    I am using latest kernel 2.6.19 on debian stable.


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    I've tried with Speedfan, using XP rather than Linux, and it monitors fan speeds but cannot alter them.

    The Jetway software called Myguard can alter fan speeds, but annoyingly only the CPU fan... you could make changes to the case fan in the software but it made no difference to fan speeds... tried this with several fans so know it is not a problem peculiar to fans. I downloaded the updated Myguard and it only allows you to alter the CPU fan, not the case fan. So it seems Jetway have only got halfway there... shame.