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  • Play music on Linux carputer

    I have a Peugeot 406 1997 mod.
    I will give it a carputer based on the latest VIA C7 motherboard.

    So. What software to use?
    I will keep things simple. No touchscreens.
    I will use a 7" LCD with wery large fonts for visibility. Or perhaps my new 4x20 LCD screen. In either case: What software works for a carputer?

    I could just use XMMS, and have a lot of hotkeys instead of the mouse. I also have purchased a standard USB keyboard with transparent keys and blue backlight.

    All this for using the Jump To File-function in XMMS.

    I know how to solder, and will perhaps solder some extra buttens to the dashboard. I can put panel-mounted buttons on the dash next to the wheel, and solder them to F1, F2, F3, F4 and so on. And program them at hotkeys.

    Help and guidance is welcome :-) It's my first car, and I've only had it for a few weeks. I wanted a LADA, but my daddy sayd me to buy a Peugeot 406 just like himself. It's too common and average, therefore it must be modded so I will feel at home in it.

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    What distro are you planning on running?

    If you were using a touchscreen I would recommend nGhost Media Center. But since you are not, maybe XMMS is the way to go...

    What else are you planning on doing with your carputer?
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      If you are going to run it on 4x20 then you can run any shell-based mp3 player (there are many to choose from)
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        nghost is looking good!
        Perhaps I will buy a touchscreen just to use it.
        But not this year...

        It will only play mp3s, and use a 7" LCD.
        What software should I install? It will have a graphic user interface (KDE), and probably XMMS controlled by hotkeys. F1, F2, F3 will be play/pause, next, previous and so on.


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          Silverwolf2 is a month or two away but you may want to check out the "SW2 Update" thread if you're interested.
          Silverwolf 2 is dead.
          Silverwolf 3...?


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            also there is xmms-shell project on sourceforge
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              I use xmms-shell at home on our media box. It's good for simple things like skipping tracks and play/pause, but for playlist management it would be..... less than ideal.


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                I use "Juk" on mine - I've spent a lot of time playing with various players and not found anything really suitable for a 7" display in a moving car..

                Juk comes close, it allows me to create playlists for albums starting with each letter of the alphabet, then to sort and display by file path (my MP3s are organised at the file system, not by ID3 data). Then the toolbar buttons are set to large images. It mostly works.

                Long term plans were to write my own player but perhaps just a GUI which ties into an existing player would be better (and might actually get done).