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MeeGo IVI 1.0 Released:

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  • MeeGo IVI 1.0 Released:

    Hot off the press:

    We are pleased to present this 1.0 release of MeeGo for IVI. As part of this release, we are including a sample IVI Home Screen and taskbar, using the included Qt framework, and designed with Automotive Center Console HMI requirements in mind. We have also included some automotive specific middleware components and a few sample applications, including sample navigation program (Navit) and a sample dialer application (BT-HFP Dialer) which uses Bluetooth and a paired phone.

    The MeeGo Handset Day 1 User Experience includes:

    * Kernel version 2.6.33
    * Home screen and taskbar for launching and managing applications
    * Sample navigation (Navit)
    * Sample Bluetooth-enabled dialer application (BT-HFP Dialer)
    * UI for managing network connections
    * Fennec Browser is MeeGo's Qt based web browser for IVI
    * Packages from open source automotive projects are included for audio management, resource management, persistent storage management, CE device management, and system health management
    For more details about this release, you can view the release notes and installation instructions.

    This should have a more in-vehicle UI with it.

    Also check out the FAQ:
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