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And now it's dead

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  • And now it's dead

    Meego is dead, all future work will be on Tizen (who thought the names could get worse??)

    Tizen is all html, qt is out. Can't see this gaining much traction, you can only restart these projects so many times before everyone gets peeved off and goes elsewhere (hi android!).

    Check it out here: (even the meego site has a tizen link at the top of every page now)

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    i guess i never really understood why they didnt start off with android as a baseline to start with. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I think so's hard


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        Not to mention that Tizen seams to be wrapped around an always-on network connection. It is yet another way to try to lock you in to their world, so they can slowly bleed you.
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