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  • Mac mini *without* P1900

    I have a spare Mac mini power cable, so I thought I'd hook my old G4 Mac mini up to my car.

    Easier said than done! I can't figure out what the various wires in the power cable are for. I have a 18.5v power source already in the car (for a pair of inertial sensors), so that should be a perfect power source.

    Well, the Mac mini power cable has a black (-) wire, a red (+) wire, and two green wires: a fat one and a thin one. Hooking up just the black and red wires won't allow the mini to power on, so I'm guessing I need to do something with the green wires...?

    Does anyone know what the green wires should be connected to?


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    be careful

    make sure u dont hook them up wrong , u could fry the mini mac or power supply if u havent already


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      Well, I think the thin green wire is what's called the iSense wire, but I don't know what signal or voltage level it's supposed to have in order for the Mac mini to think it's connected to an Apple power supply. And I have no idea about the thick green wire. The black and red are the mains supply, but somehow the iSense wire needs to do something, or the mini won't power up.


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        Also make sure your DC-DC adaptor can supply enough power for the macmini and the inertial sensors.


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          The iSense wire should be grounded using an 6k8 resistor. I have done this when I was briefly using the iGo juice to power my Mac Mini.


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            I'll try connecting the iSense wire to ground with a 6.8k resistor.
            Does anyone know about the headshell? Is that a no connection, or is it supposed to be grounded?


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              I have posted about this few months ago. Read this .

              You need to add a resistor to get it to work.