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  • PhoCo Under Parallels

    Has anyone gotten PhoCo to work under parallels? I can't seem to get the bluetooth device to show up in windows, even if I boot up in bootcamp.

    Does anyone have steps to get this working? I see I cah "share" the bluetooth device as a serial device in my OS X settings, but I can't get that to translate over to parallels.

    Any ideas?

    And yes, I have tried bluephone elite - it doesn't work with my phone

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    I've just had a week of trying to get this to work.
    I finally found a mention on the Parallels forum about bluetooth devices, it's not good, due to ownership of bluetooth drivers(owned by Apple Mac) Parallels can't load BT drivers:-
    You can download Bootcamp and then run your BT connection in XP. The only problem (and particularly for me) is that if you use a BT keyboard/mouse, then you'll only be able to use it in one of the two OSs( either OSX or XP) not both!!
    I also saw a mention that said that if you install a separate BT dongle on XP then it will be possible to run BT devices in that OS plus the built in BT in OSX.
    If that all makes sense.
    I've ordered a BT dongle which should arrive in the next day or two. I'll let you know how I get on.



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      I've been doing a bit of reading about the bt keyboards / mouse. It seems you can use them in both systems, but what you cant do is swap from one os to another without turning the keyboard off.. is there a reset button underneth the keyboard, pressing that once your in xp makes it work I think. something like that anyway.... but you still need to pair the keyboard as normal in xp first. I'm installing xp at the mo on my mini so will let you know how I get on.. although I odnt have a bt keyboard nor mouse but I do have a bluetooth phone I will be trying

      hope this helps
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