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    I am looking for storage options for our intel equipped Mac Mini's. The two options I have seen are new interal drive, or external drive. Of the external drives, usb/firewire powered, and external power through inverter/PS. I am leaning toward an external drive, would like it to be USB/Firewire powered but am willing to hack/splice to get it powered off of my P1900 PS. This is what I am thinking about:

    What do you guys/gals think? 250Gb is plenty for me and would never have to be upgraded(for my needs)and only costs U.S. $130.00 whereas the interal might be outgrown. And, how would you do it?

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    exhumis -

    That looks like a great drive, and LaCie makes great products... but that drive comes with an external power supply. I looked at the specs and I could not find anything that indicates how much juice it actually needs. Are you sure you will have enough power from your P1900 to run it?

    I'm pretty sure that you will have to go with a 2.5" (notebook) drive if you want it to be bus powered.

    I have a 120gb 5400rpm drive in this case and it works great. It's firewire powered and stays nice and cool. I think the 2.5" drives are better suited for use in the car, but some people may disagree.

    Or you could go internal... it's not difficult at all to replace the internal drive. But it does require cracking open that pretty case and you are limited to whatever capacity is available in 2.5".

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      Thanks for the advice. I was planning on adding an additional 5v PS that carnetix offers, but as you stated, I am not sure of power requirements. Plus, I am already running two amps, a 1000w and 600w-I am running out of current! That drive that you have looks sweet and is powered off of Firewire which works for me. Thanks for the link. Problem solved!


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        How about these?
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          I use at work the LaCie Mobile Hard Drive, Design by F.A. Porsche. It is self-powered through a single USB or Firewire connection. It does come with an extra USB cord in case the USB/Firewire port is not giving enough power or no power at all. Out of all the devices I connect it to (PCs, Macs, Servers, etc.) I have never ran into a problem where I had to use the separate self-power cable.

          Largest size they make it in is 160GB.
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