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NuLooq - Take Apart Details

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  • NuLooq - Take Apart Details

    I was going to post some pictures on taking apart the NuLooq but then when I tried it - it looked more difficult than I thought!

    I peeled off the rubber base and removed the 3 base screws but the screws holding the PCB to the rest of the case are very tight, as are the PCB cable connectors.

    Has anyone taken it apart already and if so can you explain what you did a little? Jirka - I seem to recall that you may have done this already.
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    Yes, I have done this. I am not sure about what you actually want to achieve, so I will stick to your questions:

    1. Yes, I did remove the USB header (on the right side of the photo) - no big deal
    2. Yes, I did remove the ribbon cable - but *be very careful* as the connector is easy to damage.
    3. Yes, I did remove the three screws

    If I remember correctly, after you do this, you can remove the top "iPod wheel" (connected using that ribbon cable) and what remains is the PCB on your photograph, with three springs soldered in it. The other end of these springs carries another small board, glued to the rubber ring. If you want to take these two apart, you will need to de-solder the springs, which is quite difficult. I ended up by cutting the springs, because I did not need them.


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      Thanks Jirka - trailblazing as always!

      I took my Nulooq apart and documented it below. I must say I am very impressed with the build quality on this thing. Logitech did a very nice job with its manufacture.

      I sprayed it black so it blends better with my car interior. I am pleased to report that it still works perfectly and it definitely looks much more "factory" than in the white finish. I've set it up to work with Front Row and Qcar and it is much more reliable than my touchscreen, it's basically like a little Ipod touchwheel for the car. Recommended!

      There are a couple of pointers in the photos below.
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        If you asked, I could have also provided you with the info on the material so you could choose the proper paint :-)

        I am also planning to paint my NuLOOQ black and then use laser to cut out the symbols.


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          Jirka - I was going to use plastic dye to make sure it doesn't come off. What do you plan on using? What is the material?

          I am actually pretty happy with the finish as it matches well with my interior. Also I am not concerned about the symbols as they are still visible and the switches are at the obvious points anyway. On top of this I actually wanted to cover up the hideous blue leds. The rest of my instrumention is amber.

          But if you are planning on changing the colour of the Surface Mount LEDs you have my undying admiration!


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            your lucky the thing works after painting. Black is especially tricky as it may contain Carbon and screw up the capacitive sensor.

            How do i know? I designed the sensor!

            Also if you damage the FFC cable (small fragile ribbon one) they should be easily available from Farnell/RS. maybe be pricey but they whee nothing special.


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              Ha - my luck must have been in because it still works perfectly! Nice job on the design, it is a brilliant and reliable interface.

              I only wish I could say the same for the touchscreen, those things are miserably bad. Lets hope they all go capacitive soon!


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                after taking apart the nulooq, is is possible to tighten the grey color outer ring? mine rattles quite a bit because of the subwoofer in the car.