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do i need to open mac mini for insta?

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  • do i need to open mac mini for insta?

    do i ahve topen mac min and conect some wires to it ?
    because i saw some thread that the guys open the mac mini and conect wires to it to mack the conections by the way i have p 1900 dc power and the cable extra kit

    plz help me

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    You might need to open it if you use the standard Mac Pac cable to sleep and wake up your Mac mini. In that case, you need to install the "Y" adapter cable between the power button and the motherboard. However under normal circumstances, it is IMHO better to control sleep and wake-up using software only.


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      You also might not. It just depends on what you want to do with it.
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        thanks guys i am now learing from u u r so exprince
        no i do not what to open it ,so that mean if i have the extra power kit i do not need to open it
        any one know the name of the the extra item(give me power like if i conect the mac mini to my car battery ) that if i conect it to hole of the power suplier that built in my car


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          You already asked this question and people already gave you answers.

          Just because people tell you to search a little, doesnt mean you should start a new thread.

          To give you a hint, the answer is in this post:
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