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Lilliput touchscreen drivers for Intel Macs

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  • Lilliput touchscreen drivers for Intel Macs

    I just got in an 8" widescreen Lilliput touchscreen and couldn't get the touchscreen to work with the supplied drivers. Ended up finding them on the Lilliput site here:

    Hope this helps ease some frustration, verified working on an Intel Mac mini.

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    They're also on the website for the manufacturer of the touchscreens, egalax.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I was unhappy with the lack of drag with the official driver. Makes it impossible to move windows, resize, accurately hit sliders etc.

      So I wrote my own driver. If anyone wants a copy to try out then contact me.

      If there's any interest I'll post the code somewhere.


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        i would like a copy.
        Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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          i would be interested too. PM me.


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            You can grab a binary and the source from

            Grab TouchScreenDriverBeta, chmod +x it and then run it. It won't work while the eGalax driver is installed (so either kextunload it, or uninstall the TouchKit package and reboot).

            My calibration settings are hardwired in the code. I may develop a preference pane to calibrate, I may not. If I don't and you want to tweak the calibration, modify the constants TOUCHKIT_OFFSET_* and TOUCHKIT_MAX_* in the C source. I didn't include the Xcode project because you can build with gcc:
            gcc -Wall -o TouchscreenX main.c -framework ApplicationServices -framework Carbon -framework IOKit


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              Hi Matthew is your driver still available?


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                do you guys recommend this screen for the mac mini or is there something better?


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                  I have the 7" lilliput transreflective screen, I like it other than in direct sunlight you'll see every fingerprint from every time you've ever touched the screen. Just have to wipe it down once in a while.


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                    I use the 619 and have no issues with it. I use the eGalax driver with my Intel and have no issues with the touch screen (well, besides it being a TS...) either.

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                      just an update, the egalax driver now supports various modes, one of which includes drag. so if you were using my driver you should go back to the egalax driver!