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Video for rear seat passenger?

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  • Video for rear seat passenger?

    We'll be making a road trip this summer to Florida. It's about a 9 hour drive. Hopefully I'll have my carputer installed by then. My system will consist of an Intel Mac Mini and a 7" Lilli among other things. My question:

    Should I use this system to play videos to keep my three-year old son entertained in the back seat or just buy a stand-alone DVD player?

    I'd like to be able to use other carputer functions while doing this like navigation and audio (well, audio is probably out). How would you get a separate video output using a Mini? Is there some kind of external video card that works well for this?

    Has anyone done this with their setup?
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    seriously its not worth even trying to do an external video card. It will run so slow and kill the processor in the mini that it is not even worth it. Just get a stand alone player for your kid and use the rest of the system just for you. That way they can watch what they want with headphones and you can listen / watch what you want while driving.
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      You could buy an Apple TV and load vids onto it from the Mini. But you'd also have to buy screens. The price would be way higher than a simple backseat video player.
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        You could use the Matrox DualHead2Go to add an extra monitor, and keep the windows on each separate.

        But I agree with the others, backseat DVD players are dirt cheap in comparison.


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          there is an adapter that you can run VGA into and it switches it to VGA.. It has been talked about on here a few times, I have one and it works great.. It is USB powered and you can just split the VGA coming out of the Mac and run it to your screen and rear monitors.. I think it cost like $75.. Email me if you want more info, I will pull the box and give you the model and such..
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