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A little more security... Fingerprint scanning

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  • A little more security... Fingerprint scanning

    This article was pretty cool, a fingerprint scanner would be kind of neat to have in your car I would think. You could even have the carputer e-mail or upload failed fingerprints to a server which would be kind of cool if someone is foolish enough to just try their finger.

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    One of my local grocery stores has a pay with your fingerprint system. Every time I see it I think it would be a cool addition, but I need less projects not more

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      My dad has to use one all the time at the hospital he works at... over half the time it doesn't work.
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        We are using the fingerprint scanners at work - built into laptops or separate units and the technology as such seems to be working fine. Personally I use a LaCie hard drive with a scanner and never had a serious problem with it. I am not sure about the support on Mac though. We are talking about this from time to time with my colleagues, but for the closest future, we prefer RFID as user identification technology.


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          most fingerprint scanners are easy to fool. on myth busters they used a simple photo-copy of a dusted fingerprint to fool a few scanners.

          it would be cool tho


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            unless the person knows you and takes the time to set all that up i doubt that it would happen though, i'd propose keeping the key as a second line of defence, so someone would have to have both