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Can anyone build this screensaver?

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  • Can anyone build this screensaver?

    I may end up with my 10" overhead monitor covering up my rear view mirror, I dont know yet. If it does, I had an idea. Using a rear view camera, I'd love to use a screensaver to see that camera view on the monitor. My reasons being obviously I want to be able to see whats behind me, but I dont want to manually have to turn that on and off. Using a screensaver would be an easy way to do that so that as soon as you grab the volume knob or track up/down the screen goes back to whatever front end you are using.

    Until I get my screen location figured out I wont know for sure if I would need such a screensaver. Currently I'm experimenting with QCar on my iBook until i get my mini system's pieces all gathered. A module in QCar that allowed directly control of the "screensaver" would ROCK.

    So..... anyone have any ideas on how feasible it would be to make the basic screensaver?

    Okay, so a little research (why dont i ever do this before asking questions), i found this, so i'm thinking if I had a camera set up to put its image on a URL within the machine, this software appears to be able to view it, but I don't know how to do that, let alone do it as live video.

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    Grab a camera and take a look at the Security screen saver that comes with OSX (maybe only Intels?). For some reason it doesn't want to use the built-in iSight on my MBP though

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      I think you can use the Quartz composer to build a screen saver that displays image from an attached camera. There should not be any need to integrate this with whatever front-end you are using unless you want to be able to immediately activate the screen saver based on some of the information or an event in the front end.


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        The only reason that I could think of for integrating with a front end would be to easily disable the "rear view".

        Thanks for the advice