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    I was wondering if anyone has tried a tv tuner with their mac mini in the car.

    If you have, what antenna solution have you tried?

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    I've got a Miglia Eyetv, it works well stationary, but when you start to move the picture/audio breaks up. Tried a better aerial/cable positioning etc, and still can't get a decent picture on the move. I don't think it is possible, especially with digital (which it is). A pity really as you can also get radio through it.



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      Working for a couple of different car audio store we ran into the same problem with purpose built 12v TV tuners. Stationary you could get decent signal but while in motion there were problems. We did see gains with different antennas, for the life of me I dont remember the best ones, but I think it was with the 30" lg (or so) antenna that looked like the old glass mount cell phone antenna.


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        If you have DVB-T where you live:


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          For DVB-T single tuner is a no go

          From 60 km/h it's starting to get difficult with a good antenna you can depending situation getting it up to 70 ish

          But even past 40 most of the times it's difficult

          The solution, I've got a diversity from ElGato with 2 small whip amplified antenna's (cost 15 EUR/ea with a reclaimed cigarette lighter power supply)

          I have tried it up to 180 and still holds, haven't done tests much higher because it's irrelevant but I went faster with that setup than what ElGato advertises.

          So if you want it go diversity, but a good advice do as I do put the set in the back for the kids, trust me on this one in front it get's sometimes too scary


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            Anyone try through the car's radio antenna?


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              Originally posted by gorayomd View Post
              Anyone try through the car's radio antenna?
              Car radio antennas don't make good tv antennas.
              Failure is not an option....

              It's installed by default on every version of Windows.