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Sound issues from headphone jack

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  • Sound issues from headphone jack

    So I just tried to replace my M-Audio Sonica Theater with a Miglia HarmonyAudio to get 5.1, but it didn't work (iTunes would only output to the front speakers and their support says this is an issue with iTunes/DVDPlayer/etc..) so it's going back.

    Rather than put the M-Audio back in (I would have had to pull apart my console to get it back in neatly and I really don't want to mess with it) I just plugged my amps directly into the Mini's headphone jack. Unlike like my previous issues (would revert to the internal speaker everytime it slept/rebooted), it is working however it appears that the jack isn't going live at the same time the Mini does.

    The problem is that for the first second or so after the Mini wakes up (and the amps get powered on) I get some nasty feed back (alternator whine that is normal if the Mini is off while the car is running) that ends with the classic popping associated with hooking up an audio source AFTER the amps are turned on. I am sure that the Mini is awake before the amps come on.

    Anyone else have similar issues? Given that i've had audio issues in the past, think it's worth sending it in for AppleCare (has always worked fine with PC speakers and headphones though)? Any ideas on a solution?

    I know I can put the M-Audio back in, but it i've been unhappy with it ever since it became apparent they would never release Intel drivers (e.g. I can only use the headphone jack on it). And I know if I pull out the console A) my wife will kill me and B) i'll find more things to tinker with

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