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Help: MAC Mini - Carnetixs P1900 issues

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  • Help: MAC Mini - Carnetixs P1900 issues

    Hey dudes,

    I have finally got my Mac in to the car and are having issues with sleep/standby.

    I made the mistake of updating to Leopard as I thought that the realease version of Bootcamp would be best, boy was I wrong. With Tiger and the Beta version of Bootcamp, suspend worked >50% of the time. With Leopard it suspends ok and appears to resume Ok but the monitor does not come back on.

    So I switched to VMware Fusion and again it suspends ok but then about 40-60 seconds later the Mac wakes up. If I turn the key back on to power the screen, the Mac is up and running and working perfectly. Then about 60 seconds later it suspends again by itself.

    Then it seems to suspend perfectly and will resume when I turn the key on.

    The other issue I have is that it suspends but if I leave it for a couple of hours I find it has shutdown.

    I am not sure if the issue is Fusion, I am testing it by suspending the Virtual System before I suspend that Mac. But I would have thought that the Mac would automatically suspend all apps before going to sleep.

    Really is frustrating

    The config is VMware Fusion, XP2 Roadrunner, Destinator 6, Radioshark, GPS Mouse, Logitech Wide angle Webcam setup as reverse camera and Digital FX2 skin.

    USB Config....

    MAC - Port 1 - GPS Mouse
    Port 2 - Touchscreen
    Port 3 - RadioShark
    Port 4 - Powered USB Hub

    Second USB Hub is plugged in to the Powered USB Hub.

    Power USB - Port 1 - Webcam
    Port 2 - empty
    Port 3 - USB Extension Cable. For easy connection of
    USB Drive, Memory Stick etc
    Port 4 - USB Hub (non powered)

    Non Powered USB Hub - Port 1 - Mouse
    Port 2 - Keyboard
    Port 3-4 Empty.

    I am looking to connectg the Radioshark and GPS mouse to the two spare ports on the Powered USB as I have heard of USB's causing Mac's to resume.

    The other option is to dump Leopard and go back to Tiger to see if that fixes the issue. Overall I am disappointed with Leopard and would not reccommend any one update at this stage.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Originally posted by Firebird2 View Post
    MAC - Port 1 - GPS Mouse
    If I understand your configuration correctly, that it most likely your issue.

    What you describe sounds like after going to sleep the Mac is getting a wake signal from a USB device and assuming that your powered USB hub is powered correctly (e.g. it is tied to the ignition) then the GPS Mouse is your most likely culprit (though the touch screen *could* be too).

    As far as coming back a few hours later and finding the Mini off, my first guess would be that it is the same problem. Sometime after it goes to sleep, the GPS mouse is waking it up. Then since your car is not on, the P1900 is cutting power to save your battery.

    Pull everything that uses bus power off the Mac itself and make sure that it is powered based off the ignition line. Also check your powered hub as most now a days will use bus power if external power isn't present.

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      Ditto. The Mini wakes up easily from USB devices. Keyboards, mice, anything that might signal activity when the system is asleep. The symptoms you describe are consistent with accidental wakeup.

      Take your USB hub off the Mini and try the car with that configuration. Make sure if you still have a mouse or keyboard hooked to the Mini that you don't touch or move them. See if the problem persists. If it does, do as Dave suggests.

      Jirka has a good solution - just put tape over the power lead on the hub to prevent it from pulling power from the Mini.
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        I'm running leopard on mac mini with XP installed and a P1900. Everything works great.

        You need to search for AutoIT and follow the step by step guide on writing "drivers" for your USB devices to automatically disable before standby and then re-enable upon wakeup. This will prevent your mac mini accidentally being woken up by one of your USB devices (plus it helps conserve your car's battery).


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          Hi Sinbal,


          Got AutoIT, where do I find the step by step guide. I have looked everywhere on the site and forum but can not find it.



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            The only down side to pulling power from the GPS receiver is that it will take longer to get a lock once the internal battery runs down. It's a small inconvenience but if you use your GPS a lot, it may be an issue for you.

            Originally posted by Firebird2 View Post
            Got AutoIT, where do I find the step by step guide. I have looked everywhere on the site and forum but can not find it.
            The FAQ Emporium;


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              Thanks Machinehead,

              Happy to live with delay in GPS start up. Right now 8 of 10 times I have to wait for the system to boot so would rather have to wait for GPS.

              I wish you and your family a fantastic Christmas break and a wonderful 2008.