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Suspend problem MacMini

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  • Suspend problem MacMini

    My config is:
    MacMini with windowsXP OS and Centrafuse Frontend, Carnetix P1900 power supply (with mac cable connected to motherboard) and a Liliput 7" touchscreen.

    If I turn the ignition of, the carputer stays on for a while but does not go to standby mode. It turns of hard after a few minutes. So somehow it needs a signal to go into standby or better hybernate mode.

    Preferably the computer stays on for 5 mins when ignition is turned of and then goes to standby. After an hour or so it should turn to hybernate.

    But really anything BUT a hard shutdown would be nice. It must be bad for the Mac and HD and it has to start with disc verification every time. This lasts a couple of minutes. I hate that.

    Does anybody have a solution... or actually has it working? What are the hardware and software settings? Thanks.

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    The first thing I would check is the power management settings. Under the Control Panel, Power Options, the Advanced tab. There's pull down menu under the heading "When I press the power button on my computer". Set that to Stand by and then hit OK.

    The other thing you need to look at is the jumper settings on the P1900. Double check that you have it set right for suspend mode. It's JP1 pins 5-6, and they need to be jumpered for suspend mode.

    That should do it.


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      do a search for deep sleep. there is a great widget to make osx hibernate.


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        Deep Sleep comes up very slow with Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Slower than WinXP hibernate in my experience.


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          Still its better than a hard shutdown and startup