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Mac Mini not saving display settings

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  • Mac Mini not saving display settings

    I'm hooking up my Mac Mini to a television in my house to do some testing, but I can't get it to save the display settings on reboot. I can't even tell what it's defaulting to because as soon as I boot it up the screen flickers and bounces all over the place. I've been somehow managing to hit the display icon on the menu bar and stumble upon resolutions that work. But once I do a reboot or shutdown the computer ignores the change I made.

    Is this an issue with Panther? I just installed DisplayConfigX and I'm thinking if maybe I only install one resolution that works that maybe it will be forced to load that one. But in the meantime any ideas? I'm fairly newb to Macs so hopefully it is just something I'm not doing correctly.

    I also can't seem to find a place where you select what type of monitor your using. I know this was easy enough to do in Windows, but does this option exist on Panther?

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    I'm confused. What kind of TV are you hooking it up to? Are you using some kind scan converter or does your television have DVI or VGA input? What type of signal are you trying to use to view on the television -video, S-Video, VGA, DVI, or some other type of signal?
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      Wow, didn't give much details did I? Oops..

      I'm hooking up the mini to a standard television using the Apple DVI -> S-Video converter. It's odd because the first time I hooked it up it was working fine, but I went in and started choosing different resolutions and refresh rates and then all the sudden every reboot would result in a fuzzy, flickering screen.

      So very strategically I was able to find my way to the display properties and select different resolutions and get the screen back to normal. It seemed to like 640x480 @ 60Mhz refresh and a few other random resolutions of 480 vertical. But once I got one that looked good, I'd shutdown or restart and then it would revert back to the bad setting. Even a Log Off User X would lose the setting.

      I tried using DisplayConfigX, but even when I installed the few resolutions that I know worked, it would still list like 15 other ones that were bad and bootup with one of those.
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