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  • FrontGPS

    After seeing some inspiration from the FrontPython project, I've started working on integrating a GPS option in Front Row. So far I'm developing it to launch RouteBuddy (only because I had the trial installed) and it will only with with OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

    Currently I'm on release 0.2. Installer will check for RouteBuddy - it it's not installed it will not allow the installation to continue. The installer will also make sure you've got Leopard installed and it's all wrapped inside a fancy DMG now. Still using the Safari icon however...

    Check it out if you'd like, I'm open to suggestions, etc... Not sure if there's a real use for anyone else but once I get my Carputer together (which I plan on using FrontRow for the front end) it should work great.

    It's available here:

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    Any chance you can make this work with Tiger? I run both Tiger and Leopard (Tiger for business, Leopard at home) and think Leopard still needs some tweaks before it's ready for constant banging...


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      The front row application in Leopard is setup differently than that off the previous versions.
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        Wow, hadn't noticed that before but you're right (duh).

        This complicates things for me - I'm trying to decide which version to run on my new installation...


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          Yah, Front Row was completely revamped in Leopard. It is not compatible, unfortunately.

          I don't have a Car PC setup yet (working on getting all of the parts at the moment) but I will be running Leopard. I haven't read of any issues with it on the Car PC front and running it on all of my Macs at home with 10.5.1 (10.5.2 should be out soon) I don't have any issues with it! Apple did a pretty good job with this one.


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            Version 0.3 out now... now includes an uninstaller located in the /Applications/Utilities folder (currently using an MS Office Removal icon ) and I changed the icon in the installer. Nothing major otherwise... just need to find some artwork that I won't get in trouble for using.

            DMG available here:


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              Now available at for download. Changed some artwork in this release... calling it 0.4. Still some more to go. I'm just going to use Apple's Dashboard icon (it works well IMO... not so legal) but better than before.

              I am probably going to use MS Streets and Trips in Parallels since all the MacGPS apps are horrible -- that's once I get my Carputer setup all together. I'm going to try to have "FrontGPS" launch Parallels + MS Streets and Trips. I don't think it should be that hard.


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                If you could have it configurable that'd be great. Many of us are using parallels & iGuidance. Be super to be able to run that from Frontrow
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                  That would be great - I'm not sure I have enough skill to figure that out - it's al based off of the FrontPython project (all credit goes to its author). If I can figure something like that out though, I'll definitely add it.