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  • Sleep issues

    I posted this thread alittle less then a week ago and was hoping maybe I can get alittle more exposure if I post here also:

    The only reason why I'm bringing it to the mac forum is because I've been reading up on this issue..and it seems to be somewhat common of macs. Though, not common enough for me to have come across a solution while searching..

    Just to recap what I'm asking:
    My mac running windows XP will go into standby (I think at least..the LED light slowly blinks) and upon waking up (indicated by that blinking light going solid) I get a 'no signal' message from my screen. I've messed around with the screen (turning it on first then waking it up, waking it up then turning it on, etc) and nothing has worked.

    any help would greatly be appreciated. It sucks not being able to take advantage of the quicker startup times from sleep.
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    This is with a VGA connection? I haven't heard of this problem before. The video on the Mini works pretty well.

    Is the Lilliput somehow looking for an input on a different cable? Try waking the Mac up and cycling the Lilli through the different inputs to see if it helps.

    If that's not it, try hooking up a regular monitor that you know works and then sleep and wake the system.
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