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Best Soundcard for 5.1 system

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  • Best Soundcard for 5.1 system

    Hello I'm looking into making a Mac Mini carputer. I have a fairly nice car audio setup and I would like the same control of volume and sub control that I have now. I would like to be able to balance left and right and then fade front and rear all from software on the Mac Mini. Also I would like to have a sub control from the mac mini as well. Is this possible? I have heard about the Griffin Firewave but I wasn't sure if all these features are available. Thanks

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    The Griffin Firewave is nice, good quality sound output, at a fairly reasonable price point. The big negative is that it "forgets" your settings. If you reboot the computer it goes back to default. If you safe-sleep, it goes back to default.

    Edit: Best is a very opinion based term; But in my opinion the M-Audio Firewire 410


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      hmm... I would like to use Road Runner and have a nice Navigation. Does this mean I should use Windows XP? If I then use Windows XP is there a 5.1 Sound card out there that is what I need? Preferably around a decent price. $100 or less.


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        There are a few options, you can run bootcamp to natively run Windows. Or you could use Parallels or VMWare Fusion and emulate a windows environment within the Mac OS. I've run through quite a few soundcards now, 5 including the on-board sound card. The firewave is probably the best sounding option at that $100 price point. Of course it is Mac only. Much like most of the Windows options will be Windows only.


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          but the Firewave forgets your settings. Why is this? The unit just sucks?


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            Bad programming I suppose. i think there's an old thread with Mac compatible USB sound cards. A search would find it quickly enough. Assuming you want to go the OSX route.