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  • need help!!

    i got an audi a3 2002 model and a mac mini so far...

    im pretty much a noob, so im looking for all the help i can get in making a desent carputer. What do i need to succed in this?

    a shopping list of the best goods at present time would be very helpfull and a list of softwere.(i tryed fooling around with amp seems ok how to install plugins?)

    ps. im sorry to ask if there allready is a post like this.

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    There are many many many posts like this.

    first thing you will need is a carnetix 1900 which is what you will need to power your mini while it is in your car.
    Second you will need a screen. You can use the xenark or the liliput since these are the two most talked about models on this forum. There are others that may work, but just check to make sure that they have drivers for osx.
    third. you will need to determine what you want your carputer to do? Are you going to run it as a windows machine or an OSX machine?

    Let me know if you need any other help.
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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      thanks for your help i really apriciate it

      im gonna order a 1900 tomorow ...i was thinking about buying a motorized for a clean look but heard it crappy and the motor will brake???

      at the moment i'm running dual boot leopard and wista. I have tryed AMP,carfrontend,neon but like AMP the most but neon got potential if the get the grafics more osx like ...

      maybe going for leopard with AMP and parelles for gps use??

      i want to use music movies gps(what do i need for this?)

      hwo do i install plugins in amp and is this the best frontend at the moment?

      im actually going for the best carputer will bring..


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        well for GPS what you will need is a "GPS Mouse" they are usally USB, but you can get them as Serial and then get a USB adapter.

        I am not sure how to use plugins with AMP. I normally just use AMP the way it is.

        If you want the "best" front end, you will need to run it as a windows machine. This way everything is incorporated, it is hard to go between programs in AMP.

        any other questions?
        Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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          and if i go windows wich frontend is the best


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            hey how well does AMP work with leopard, some ppl said it wasnt compatible is this true? and what version are you using


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              1.4 and it seems to work...hav'nt tested all funktions.....where do i get 2.0


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                Originally posted by mrzantos View Post
                and if i go windows wich frontend is the best
                Best for what? I don't know what your needs are.

                Personally I use Road Runner on my mini, maybe Centrafuse fits your needs better, or Streetdeck, etc.


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                  Wait a minute....Audi didn't make the A3 in 2002...

                  jfwy, where did you install the mini in your audi? (but no, seriously, they didn't make it in 2002)

                  Edit: Forgot this was a multinational board, my mistake


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                    then i must have an imaginary they started the a3 back in 1996 and they still make
                    it.... and i hav'nt installed it yet....


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                      if i go with this does it look and what do i need to make it complete..

                      i want gps what is the best solution?

                      and what cable do i need for the screen?

                      MacPac Power Cable Kit
                      Carnetix CNX-P1900 Ver. 2.2 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator
                      Xenarc 700IDT In Dash 7 inch Touch Screen VGA
                      Griffin Powermate


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                        The BU-353 is a solid option for GPS.

                        The screen will come with the appropriate cable.