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  • physical input to mac

    Is there anyway of interfacing switches with a mac, ie pressing a physical button and iTunes loading up (for example).

    Sure i saw a link on here once for something similar but cant find it again. Not really what to search for on Google, I've done a few searches but with no luck!


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    Phidgets interfaces, we have been using this for quite some time for many things: analog inputs (temperatures, fuel level), digital inputs (all kind of switches, warning lights), digital outputs (LEDs, FETs driving servo's and vents).


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      arduino is similar in functionality and I can say from experience very easy to program and interface with. can't say if its better than Phidgets tho
      check us out at:


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        An alternative is to use an iPac, which is a keyboard emulator. You can connect whatever kind of button you want to the iPac and when you press it, it will emulate certain keypresses you program into it. You then use the keyboard shortcuts panel to launch the app you want.
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          I used an iPac with great success. Good software comes with it also and can be used on pc and mac. I still have it but am not using it anymore. If you decide to go that way send me a pm and i'll sell it to you.


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            fantastic thanks for the replies