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    My car is going to be in a small car show at school tomorrow, my dilemma is leaving the compter on without running the battery dead. My though would be to hook a battery charger to the battery to keep it charged. My question is what type of settings should I put the charger on? I believe there are three options, all 12V with varying current: jumpstart(which assume I would not use), quick charge, and trickle charge. Any thoughts as to which setting would work to keep everything going without the battery dieing? Thanks.

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    I would assume 12V. isn't that the voltage that the alternator puts out when the car is running? the only other option that looks any good to me is trickle.

    I suggest posting this question in another forum also if you haven't already since it is not mac specific.
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      Use trickle and keep an eye on the voltage. If it drops too much, use quick charge.
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        what should it be least 10V?


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          Yea at least 1ov. The quick charge setting will just put out a little more amps than trickle. The mini doesn't use much juice so as long as your sound system isn't drawing too many amps trickle should work fine.