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  • Freephone?

    Anyone running road runner in fusion know how to get freephone working....or to be able to connect ur phone to windows with bluetooth

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    A heads up for you regarding freephone:

    Originally posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Getting a phone to work with the PC is something I gave up on long ago.. I just use a parrot bluetooth device (google it) hard wired into the the sound system in my car. I would think that you would have better luck posting this in the FreePhone thread, as it really is not a skin issue.


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      here is a quote from me from that same thread:

      I just recently tried to do this same thing with my XV6800 pocket pc. no love. as of yet, there are no software solutions to truely run your computer via your phone. I tried the "remote control" program and it wouldnt even install on a friends phone which they said it would work.
      "they" meaning the company that makes the program
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        I was just about to copy and paste your post over here as well.


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          Originally posted by rijndael View Post
          here is a quote from me from that same thread:

          "they" meaning the company that makes the program
          no disrespect, but that's a load of crap, i got the remote control to work with my phone just fine, i can move the mouse with my phone, i can also use it as a media player control, handy for when you're in the back seat. now you do need the right version of bluetooth stack and the phone has to support HID service for you to use the remote control, if you need the bluetooth stack just make a search for audio gateway, i made a how to in the wireless thread.
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