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Switching from mac to parallels with touch screen?

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  • Switching from mac to parallels with touch screen?

    I had a question for everyone...I've noticed that whenever parallels open, it asks if you want the USB device to run in parallels (touch screen) when you say yes, it kills the input to mac and only works in parallels...if you say no, it wont work in parallels during that startup, and if you try to avoid it, nothing in parallels there a way/trick to let it automatically work on both no matter what? that way I can go from AMP to a parallels app without having to quit parallels each time

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    You have to run Parrallels in Coherance mode.


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      I'm not sure where the issues are. If you have it bound to the Mac (do not let Parallels take it) and the Parallels Tools drive set is properly installed in Windows, the mouse control should be seamless between the two OSes.

      Right now I have Parallels Desktop, Parallels Server, and VMware Fusion 2.0 all running simultaneously (PD is my favorite for XP, PS is needed for OS X Server, and VMware is better for Linux) without any issues on input.
      I don't know what I'm doing anymore.


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        Thank you all. At the time I had it to asking me what to do when it detects a USB device. I just reconfigured the settings to use the MAC drivers