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Alpine Mini/TV Setup.

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  • Alpine Mini/TV Setup.

    Hey. Hope you guys can help me.

    Ive read through a few of the threads on this site, and have some ideas of were to start. But Nothing that fits what I really need.

    My Car (BA Falcon XR6 Turbo) has a factory fitted colour screen, and steering wheel controls that I want to keep.

    Im looking at one of the alpine factory upgrade modules. Im just not sure exactly which one I will need to use.

    I haven't decided on Apple TV or Mini. Thinking TV though as it already has all the outs i need (right?)

    So the Alpine unit will need inputs for that. I know that I will need a separate module to connect the Alpine unit to the factory stearing remote controls aswell.

    A second AV in would be great too so that I can plug up my iPhone.

    So any advice on:

    1) which alpine system to use.
    2) which off the shelf power converter i can use for the apple TV. And.
    3) Does the apple TV need to be shut down or can i just cut the power?