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  • I'm back!

    Hi Guys, I was one of the first peeps on here with mini a while back on a 3000gt (V6king). I sold that car and jumped on a MKV GTI, so I'm thinking of doing it all over. Can anyone give me a heads up on new products power supplys etc... (I had a Carnetix before) and basic stuff that can help me get started again (I'm goign to read the sticky's). Hopefully things have improved since I left, anythign I should know. I will be running a D3 pioneer this time which is already installed. Any way I can make that work touchscreen etc with the mini...?


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    Boostman I dont see the point in adding a computer to the D3. First of all, The best input you have on the D3 RCA Cable, Which sucks. The D3 does everything you need accept internet. You need to think about what type of system you want and start from the ground up.
    For me i was never happy with even the best Major touchscreen car radio makers such as pioneer. I think using a mac mini and a touchscreen vga is the best way to go. nothing looks as good as frontrow and if you want a hdtv tuner go with the eyetv 250 and use the mac remote.