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AppleTV with DVI monitor

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  • AppleTV with DVI monitor

    Hi to all,
    I stumbled upon this forum while looking for some tips about building a carputer from an AppleTV. I have an old 15" IBM vga/dvi display with external psu, an AppleTV and a 150W DC->AC inveter. I found Brandon Holland's GPS plugin for the AppleTV's frontrow, disassembled the monitor to bare essentials (the screen, a small circuit with the connectors and a metal case) and started looking into the software part, the electricity and the monitor setup. I read some posts about AppleTV but found no practical advices concerning replacement of the psu with some kind of DC regulator. I think I should be able to do the same thing with the monitor with it's external psu. One guy at the office told me that I only need something like a fuse or regulator, because the monitor uses only 1-2A at 12V. A DC regulator powering both things will be a really good solution. The AppleTV psu is rated as 48W, not sure if it provides 5V or 12V, or both.
    Some other thoughts - replacing the hdd with a ssd, using only the remote and frontrow - I have a gps pda.
    btw - My car is really small, a Peugeot 107 (Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo) and I plan to install the monitor on the roof, falling like the sunshades - any suggestions for hinges or any other method to achieve it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    AppleTV power supply is 5v.