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Dead Optical Drive

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  • Dead Optical Drive

    The optical driver on my Mac Mini has died. It was acting flaky over the last 2 weeks and now I can't boot from it or get it to show up in the OS. It still works mechanically as in ejecting and accepting discs though.

    I'm past the 1-year warranty, I bought the Mini in May of last year.

    Any suggested vendors to buy a replacement from?

    Also, could it be the controller rather than the drive?

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    I've only ever had the regular DVD drive quit on me, not the slot load. Replaced that one at Circuit City.
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      I probably should open the case and re-seat the drive to see if it's just loose. It's not really acting like it's loose though.


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        Other World Computing has replacement slot-load SuperDrives for under $100. I'm sure you can pick up DVD/CD-RWs for much less than that. They're not hard to replace in the Mini.
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          I found a couple other vendors as well.

          And yes, changing the drive isn't too hard. Taking the case apart is probably the hardest step in the process and that's too tough, a little tricky maybe.


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            There are many places you can find a replacement optical drive. I would recommend making sure it is the same manufacturer and the preferrably the same model. I have worked with many Macs, a lot of the minis, and in my experience the drive has to be the same model and come from an equivalent machine.

            If need be I can point you to some websites I've used in the past to get replacement parts for Macs.