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Converting DVD to MPEG4 With chapter markers

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  • Converting DVD to MPEG4 With chapter markers

    Wanted to know who has had luck with a good program that converts Purchased DVD movies to Mpeg4. I have used some that were ok, but I seem to run into dialog sync problem. The longer into the movie the worse. I prefer to use apple apps. I was looking into handbrake Anyone have any luck?
    Also I want to know more about Inserting markers because using the forward button takes too long so I want to be able to have one file with chapter markers.

    I want to know about the picture quality you guys have experience and what are your settings and final file sizes.
    I will end up playing all files in apple “Frontrow” so I prefer Mpeg4.

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    I use handbreak and its a great program.
    There is even an option to convert it to use wtih Apple TV which is what I use and it creates great copies with all chapters included. takes about 50 min a movie for a full encode wtih my mac pro.
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      I've used handbrake too and it works great. You can also try Mac the Ripper. It works good, too.
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        I would have to throw my support behind handbrake as well
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