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  • Mac Mini Power Button

    Anyone have a site where you can purchase another power button? I was thinking of using this: Momentary Button

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    What is the purpose of relocating the power switch? Doesn't the P1900 2.2 or P2140 auto start the Mini?
    All my questions will be NOOB questions, bare with me guys.


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      I don't think he said anything about relocating the power switch. Just buying another one.

      The P1900/2140 will auto start and auto shutdown the Mini. I suppose there might be an occasion you want to manually start it yourself, but I use a valet switch to do it.
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        yeah i know you can get them online on Ebay taken right off other computers but I dont know how hard they would be to wire into a Carputer System. I thought about this as well. I wanted one of the ones from a laptop that would glow and fade while it was sleeping
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          ok so its not being relocated, Why do you need another one? What is the reasoning and or purposes?


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            Bugbyte. Sorry I didnt read the secondl part of your post. I understand now. Thanks


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              you can get that at

              It will cost you US$ 9,00. The botton is ugly as hell but you can open it up and customize it.

              If you are interest on getting one I would ask you favor. Get 2 and sell me one. I can pay you through pay pal. I am asking that because tomatochip is the only place I found it and they dont ship it overseas

              If you could help me I would appreciate that.
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