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Anyone running GPS software with Crossover?

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  • Anyone running GPS software with Crossover?

    Still looking for a turn-by-turn GPS solution for my Mac, but don't want the hassle of Parallels or Fusion (I have both on other machines) - has anyone found a good turn-by-turn GPS solution that works under Crossover?

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    I've never been able to get anything to work properly. IGuidance will work with crossover but it can't find the maps no matter if the CD is in the drive or the map files are copied to the hard drive.

    Edit: I'm not exactly sure if it will work since without maps IGuidance doesn't completely load.


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      I am kinds dissapointed this thread died I would like to see crossover as a stable front for iguidance as parallels is resource hungery and vmfusion doesn't play nice with my bluetooth gps anyone have more info on this?


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        What we need to do is go to the crossover website and make a bunch of requests for the developer to test and get iGuidance working in crossover.

        Edit: Link to iG 3:

        No iG 4 listed.


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          iG3 works great for me under wine, haven't tried with CrossOver. Is wine not available on Mac? (I'm using it under ubuntu)

          EDIT: Nevermind, just looked at wine's wiki about Mac. Doesn't look good.

          Try RevFE
          The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.