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Mac Mini XP install without any Apple OSX driver help

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  • Mac Mini XP install without any Apple OSX driver help

    My roomates Mac Mini for his RSX, that he was running OSX 10.0 with XP in parellels, went "Tango Uniform' last week. For some reason OSX died and it was un recoverable with the OSX disks. So with out the Mac Mini and the Honda K-Pro program running he could not go do the dyno runs he needed to do to MAP his engine after his turbo upgrade, so to put all of that 430hp to the ground, we needed the Mini back up.

    So I went to mirrior My Mac Mini install that is in my F250 (XP Pro Media center, with only Bootcamp utilities installed from a OSX 10.5 Leopard disk). This setup works great for me, and my roomate the (clubrsx) "Anorexorcist" wanted a clone of it this time intstead of the old setup he had been running for a year.

    Well I discovered that we had misplaced the Leopard disk we had, after I had already installed XP. Now we could have just went back to the OSX install, but would have had the same problem with not having parellels or bootcamp disk to install XP, for all the programs he needs to run on his car.

    So I was able to do a ~95% fully mission capable Mac Mini install without any apple OSX driver disk help.

    Now I realy don't recomend this as a install option, but I wasted 14 hours of my life to make it work, so here is what I did:

    (Note: having my Mac Mini operational, helped a ton in the driver search.)

    1: Installed XP Pro Media Center.

    2: Installed the "Atheros wireless card" drivers, that I downloaded on a seperate computer and moved over on a thum drive. The other option would be to install the "Marvell Yukon Gigibit Ethernet" card drivers, so that the Mini is now able to go on line it self to down load more drivers.

    3: Updated the Video Drivers / Chipset drivers so video looked better and not like my computer circa 1993.

    4: Down loaded a program called "Driver Detective" and it found a bunch more of the drivers, similar programs are availible.

    5: Let windows update a half million updates and SP3, reboot, rinse and repeat.

    6: The hardest info to find was the bluetooth drivers. I had to open a up my Mac Mini to replace my power button Y cable I had damaged anyway, so I got the company name off the wireless card, wich is "IVT" did a search and found and installed the "IVT_bluesoleil" drivers and presto the Apple mini bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mightymouse started working.

    Now the problems we have right now is that there is no bluetooth wizzard installed, but like stated above the keyboard and mouse are working. There are some aparent driver conflicts that I tink is preventing "centerfuse" from booting up, and when the initial grey screen comes up it shows the "folder ?" Icon that mine does not, But it is working stable and he did a 6hour road trip yesterday to AZ with out any problems.

    As soon as the new Leopard disk comes, we will install Bootcamp so
    to fix all the little glitches.

    Like I stated at the start I do not recomend this type of install but it is doable.

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    Are you aware that you can get the latest driver package off Apple's site?

    Right here:


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      Nope I did not and sooooo Pricless........

      Thanks for the Link!!

      I did a search on thier website under downloads when I was doing the install and the only info I coiuld get was to use a leopard disk. I could not find the bootcamp download underdown loads, of cousrse I could have spaced out on the right side of the page

      and not noticed software update.

      We will give this a try and will see what happens.

      Interesting about the part where they reccomend the update before the installation of SP3. Might be why my Mini is having a major problem with the wifi. The problem might have popped up around the time SP3 self installed, but since I was using a Ethernet cable at the time and not the wifi connection I did not notice the problem for a few days. Where as the other Mini without bootcamp installed and with SP3 installed has Wifii working just fine.



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        Ever make it anywhere with the f250? Interested in seeing some install pics.
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