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  • Mac mini questions

    Alright guys im new to the forums but not new to the site, iv used this place alot as a resource before iv decided to try and do a first car computer build.

    My question is, iv found a seccond hand mac mini 1.25ghz g4 mac, with out wireless now being that it is only a 1.25ghz processor and has 512mb of ram and a 32mb video card do you all think this is going to be able to run gps software ok? and also a frontend. iv read alot about frontends and dont really know which one that would suit me well considering i will probably only use the pc to play music and navigate mostly.

    Has any one ever used route buddy, iv heard really mixed reviews and would like some solid feedback before i spend 50 bucks on the maps.

    also any wireless network adapter (usb) and a mic reccomendations? basically just for skyping at wifi spots.

    any input from you all is appreciated i just want to make sure that this would seem to work ok since the mini for sale is only 200 dollars and i dont want to pass up the deal, i love my newer mini at home its great and i want to be as happy with my car as i would be with my home mini.


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    I run that Mini although with 1gb of RAM. The GPS solutions for the PPC Mini are poor. Routebuddy is not touchscreen friendly. I have used Roadnav and it is okay, although not as good as the PC solutions.

    You can run most of the Frontends without too many problems.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      i have an ibook 1.2 with 1.25g of ram and i run VPC and i guidance and it works well. a little lag getting up and running but not waking from sleep so perhaps you can do something like that. and i use spaces i have windows full screen in one window and i use "rapido start" to switch spaces to use ice3 and both run well i would recommend upgrading ram if you plan to do that. also on ebay you could probably find the stock airport card and antenna as it would work better i am sure. i have an airport extreme card for my ibook g4 i would be willing to part with too i am not sure if that is what is uses or not. i also have a mac mini and i would strongly recommend the cnx2140 + macpack it really makes life so much easier.