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Driver for Good Deals 10.4" Touchscreen

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  • Driver for Good Deals 10.4" Touchscreen

    I am a life-long Apple guy, and have been thinking about putting a Mac Mini in my vehicle forever (well, at least since they came out). I found the on sale for a bit over $200 and grabbed it up.

    The first problem I had was that the AC power supply was defective. They promised to send one out but never did. Oh well...

    The second problem was that it had no drivers for the Mac. Calling them (GoodDeals 18) was no help, and no search that I did yielded a working solution. That being the case, the monitor has been sitting for about a year while I did other things.

    This weekend I decided to put some real effort into getting it working. Short version - I finally found a driver that works. I am using it on Leopard (10.5.6) but I believe it should also work on Tiger.

    To get your driver, go to The controller on the Gooddeals18 is the eGalax USB. I selected Mac OSX-Intel for my OS. The driver version it provided was version 04:01:01.

    I installed the driver after a fresh install of the OS, and it immediately came up and worked. If you have been experimenting with drivers - as I had - this is the safest way to make sure you don't have any gremlins running around on you.

    Hope this info helps someone else. Now that my touchscreen is working, I'm off to order my Carnetix PS so I can begin the actual install.

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    congrats, and welcome to the world of incar computing! that 10" monitor is going to be nice. i am just running a 7" and love it, but of course everybody wants more screen real estate. what kind of car are you putting this all in? im assuming a truck due to the fact that they are pretty much the only vehicles with enough room (from the factory) to install such a large screen. Anyway good luck with the install, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Everybody here is pretty eager to help.
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