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Nice app for in-car mouse

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  • Nice app for in-car mouse

    this is probably old news, but i found this app in the iphone app store that lets you use the iphone as a mouse and keyboard. the app is called remotePad, and it is free. you have to download a small server that sits on the mac, but from what i can tell the whole thing works very well. It connects very fast and the movement of the mouse is very smooth. This app even supports the use of the iphone's accelerometer for mouse movement. i really like the idea of being able to use the keyboard too. this makes things much easier than even the onscreen keyboards that are out there.

    I have a couple of things to test though. First i have to make sure that the app and the server can connect over an ad-hoc network (i don't really see why it wouldnt). Second, i need to check that the keyboard will continue through into a vm of windows. Once again i don't see why either one of these things wouldn't work.

    Again all probably old news, but i thought i would pass along any info that i had. i will repost this in the input forum as well. I hope it helps somebody out there!
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