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  • Perhaps better for the power supply section

    and I tried this on Carnetix with no luck, but here goes:

    Hey all,
    After having the 2140 installed by a pro car audio place, who has done one of these before, I get 5 flashes then the 2140 does not respond. Fan never goes on. Mac Mini 1.66 Core Duo never comes on.
    A few basics:

    -JP1 Set to 18.5 for Intel Mac Mini
    -JP2 set to 12V - eventually will be used for display (current display is USB Mimo 710
    -JP3 is set to default
    -JP4 is set to Config 2, PriOut
    -JP5 is set to Mac Mini Intel, of course
    -JP6 set to ACPI Relay Output, or default.

    -SD_DLY 0 min, 22 sec
    -DMT 50 hrs
    -DLYON 3 sec
    -BU_LO 45 sec
    -SD_LO 45 sec
    -LO_BAT 10.1v
    -Standby Hibernate set to Standby
    -Turn ON set to Ignition
    -Turn OFF set to Primary Out
    -Fan set to Enable
    -ACPI Delay and Duration set to 10.0 sec

    Any advice would be greatly appeciated. Y-Cable is installed. Mac powers on with normal power brick by pressing power button, even with Y-cable installed. Car is a 1970 Mustang. Shop confirms that power is good to the input, and should work under Accessory or normal driving mode.

    Any ideas?