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Installing P2140 USB driver under VMWare or Parallels crashes Mac?

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  • Installing P2140 USB driver under VMWare or Parallels crashes Mac?

    Hey all,
    I have the PSUMoni program connecting to my 2140 on my desktop under Boot Camp, but if I try VMWare on that computer it doesn't see it, and reinstalling the driver causes a Mac kernel panic - the gray screen descends. Same thing if I install the driver under Parallels on my Mini.
    I don't have Boot Camp on the Mini and don't have another Windows install to use on that. I want the PSUMoni program to connect for obvious reasons, and because it might be able to help me diagnose why my install isn't getting an output from the 2140.
    I find it very interesting that the same kernel panic on Leopard occurs when installing the driver under two separate virtualization programs - VMWare and Parallels - at exactly the same time, when installing the "mshusb.sys" (IIRC) file. Anyone have the same issue and overcome it?


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    I had the same problem in vmware just this week. Works in bootcamp, though.
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