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Lilliput 10.4 touch with PPC Mac mini??

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  • Lilliput 10.4 touch with PPC Mac mini??

    Hey guys still new to the carputing scene and iv already got ahold of great used g4 mac mini, iv been planning on putting this into my truck and the price of the lilliput 10.4" touch monitor really agrees with my pocket so ..

    Iv searched around and im getting mixed answers to my question, first of all the only confirmations i can find for the monitor working are on intel macs and i need to make sure that they are both compatible with g4 chipsets before i spend the money on one, on the lilliput site theres an option for imac 9 drivers and iv found intel drivers on other sites so if any of you can help me out here id greatly appreciate it, so please help my primitive brain lol =)


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    no one can confirm the lilliput touch monitors work with the g4 macs??? =\


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      min used to work with a mac mini power PC well my 619 worked
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