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Mac Mini - Sound Question

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  • Mac Mini - Sound Question

    Hi All,

    I have finally got round to installing everything in my car and will quickly explain what I have setup.

    Carnetix P2140
    Xenarc 700TSV
    Mac Mini
    Griffin Firewave
    Sony XMZ-R604 - route sound for internal car speakers, provided by Left & Right and Left Surround & Right Surround from Firewave
    Sony XM-2002GTW - route sound for the Subwoofer, provided by Centre / Subwoofer output on Firewave
    Griffin Powermate

    JBL GTO1202D (Subwoofer)
    Stock Speaker (Mercedes C200 [W203])


    Ok, so the problem I am experiencing is to do with the sound. From what I understand there have been issues with the FireWave soundcard whereby it is unable to keep it's settings after it has been shut down, and will always default to factory settings?

    The purpose of this post is for a little advice really. I was hoping to filter the sound that goes to the internal car speakers by making sure that only treble is router to the car speakers, and the bass is handled via the subwoofer.

    The amplifier for the car speakers high pass filter (HPF) which is turned on, but unfortunately I cannot choose the level at which it filters. I was hoping to do this via some sort of application? After doing a bit of research, I have found that there is an application called Hear which may be able to do the trick, has anyone had any experience with this application, i.e. issues or problems?

    So, my question is...Using Hear, is it possible to filter the sound so that the Left & Right / Left Surround & Right Surround outputs from the Griffin FireWave only output treble / surround sounds, and all the bass is handled via the Centre / Surround output?

    Please let me know if this has not made sense.


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    i have used hear to try to add eq settings to the mini, however the sound never quite came out right. it always sounded over filtered if that makes any sense. kind of a "canned" sound. i think for your setup a hardware solution would make more sense. IMHO i would buy a good crossover and install it in between your mini and your speakers/amp. from there (if you get a good crossover) you can adjust what frequencies go where. You will most likely get a much better sound this way. another solution would be to look at a really beefed up soundcard. I have heard good things about the m-audio usb soundcards, however i have never used one so i cant say for sure if it will meet your needs. good luck with the install and let us know if you have any more questions
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      Thanks for your quick response. I will look into the two hardware solutions you have posted, probably go with the Crossover / Equalizer solution.



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        To do sound processing properly with a computer, you really need an ASIO compliant sound card. As natedawgg suggested, a M-Audio usb or firewire external soundcard is a good option. I'm running their FW 410. If you're looking for more information there's a good thread over in the High End Audio subforum.