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Please Help- Another sound question

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  • Please Help- Another sound question

    I know I know, there are tons of threads that answer this question - but I really cant find any answers, and I have looked. I am looking to get an external sound card for my Mac Mini. I already have my speakers hooked up to an external amp, I am just looking to put somthing between the mac mini and my amp to obtain better sound quality.
    When looking for a sound card, where do I start? Do I want one powered by firewire or usb?
    Is it as simple as the firewire cord coming from my mac mini that goes right into the input of the sound card and then 4 rca's come from the output of my external sound card, that go into the amp creating 4 channels?
    Has anyone used this sound card?
    Please anyone who hass an external sound card that they are happy with please let me know what make/model.
    Thank you in advance.

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    If you just want an output for your rear speakers, whats wrong with the internal sound card?

    If you are wanting 'surround sound', that device should work fine.
    Also, it looks like you can pick it up for less than that eBay auction:


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      Yes I am looking for output for my rear speaker but I can obtain that by splitting the rcas from the internal sound card of the mac mini. I am looking for better sound quality.
      I am thinking this could be what I am looking for?
      Anyone have any expierence with this product?
      I am sure people have gotten or looked into getting better sound quality from our macs! I just cant find anyone willing to share the products they used.


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        Okay, after mulling in the car for a while, and looking at this post for a minute, I am going to invest in a car equalizer. Not just for sound quality, but sound control.
        The Kicker EQ/DSP you're checking out is a very good model according to my sources. My problem is that I want something that will fit above my above my mini. I will get to the researching and let you guys know what's good.
        All systems are a go...
        Currently in "tweaking" mode.

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