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Please Share Your Centrafuse experience

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  • Please Share Your Centrafuse experience

    I have been looking into Centrafuse and the new CF3 looks great. Has anyone ran Centrafuse on there mac?
    If so please share your experience and how you set it up, this maybe my next project.

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    I'm running CF2 on my Mini via bootcamp. It works great and it's very easy to setup and configure. If you have any specific questions, let me know.


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      Thats good to know because I might try it out with CF3 comes out. How is it compared to ICE3 (if you have used ice3)?
      I have a 1.83 1ghz mac mini. Do you think I would have a problem running CF3?
      Is it possible to run CF through VB or would I need bootcamp?


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        I have not used ICE3, I wiped OSX off my Mac long before it was released. I can't speak for CF3 since I don't know what the system requirements for it are. As I said I've been running CF through bootcamp and it works great. You can always try VB and if you have issues, switch to bootcamp.

        Edit: I didn't even know CF 3 was out until I just looked.