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Carnetix P2140 starting mac mini

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  • Carnetix P2140 starting mac mini

    Hello all

    Today i got around to installing my mac mini car computer with P2140 PSU/controller

    When i tested it with a powersupply a few weeks ago everything was working as it should

    now when i turn on the ignition, the p2140 powers up and starts flashing but it never triggers the mini, i can manually short the pins on the switch cable and it will start no problems

    any ideas why it would not be automatically starting?


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    Most likely, you don't have the power supply wired properly. Check your connections.


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      Power supply is wired pos to pos, ground to ground and yellow to acc

      connection from power supply is via mac pac prewired cable


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        You'll probably want to hook the 2140 up a computer via USB and see what it's doing with the PSUmoni software.


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          Check out this video to see if it helps

          Sound System () 100%
          Power System () 100%
          MacMini Setup () 100%


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            The 2140 can sometimes get 'scrambled' -especially during testing or if your battery goes dead. Hook it up to the USB and reflash it. That may do the trick.
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              It appears it was a broken green acpi wire on the 'quality' mac pac cable

              soldered it back on the plug and that problem is now solved

              Now i have an issue of that it is sleeping my mini fine but then after around 1 minute its cutting power to it

              software is set to sleep mode