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Lilliput 7" 669gl-70np/c/t dvi hdmi touchscreen

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  • Lilliput 7" 669gl-70np/c/t dvi hdmi touchscreen

    Anyone try one of these screens yet? It has HDMI input and comes with a DVI to hdmi cable. I figured since the mini is DVI this might be a better option than a 629GL. Any thoughts?

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    i haven't. it is nice to see dvi/hdmi making it into these types of monitors. I would love to be able to ditch my dvi->vga adaptor. Looks like a decent monitor for sure.
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      My only concerns are one, I haven't seen it anywhere but eBay. It's not even on lilliputs site. Two, if I happen to mess up on bezel fabrication I don't know where I would get an extra bezel for it, not sure if the 629 bezel would work or not. I assume it's the same as the 629 screen except for the interface, I just would hate tk be an early adopter and find out it sucks. I wonder why mp3car store doesn't have them yet.


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        ^^You got a point, but sometimes you need to take some chances if you want to improve your setup. Take some time to fool around the forum and you'll answer most of the question right away!!
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          hello peeps,

          i posted a while back on this 669GL monitor but nobody replied. i have seen them for sale here:

          but i'm really waiting for someone to review it. there are a couple of posts over on this forum about them:

          the reviews are very thorough but the problem is that they arent reviewing it from the perspective of a car pc installer!