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Soda! Spill!! Help!!!

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  • Soda! Spill!! Help!!!

    I'm freaking out here; I'm pretty sure this question has been answered somewhere; but I'll post it anyway.

    I was showing off my MACry in Paramus, NJ. I was en route home from the mall, when the unthinkable happened...
    Soda spilled near the mini!
    The mini reacted, then deactivated itself.
    After flying off Rte 4, I disassembled my car's main dash as fast as I could. Realizing that I need to take my time with unit itself, I then focused my attention on driving home (luckily, I knew how I got there in the first place!!)

    It's so funny: when my PowerBook G4 wasn't functioning due to hard drive failure, my MACry was my main computer. Now, the tables turned. In any case, I just got finished removing the mini and disassembling it down to the drives. Right now, it's upside down in my attempts to drain any more fluids that remain. Thing is, it doesn't look like any got there in the first place.

    The million dollar questions:
    Is there a way to clean it off!?

    Am I wasting time? Should I just prepare to shell out more cash for a replacement?

    Has this actually happened to anyone?!

    No, the last one doesn't need an answer.
    I just hope that my mini isn't... dead.

    FYI: The amp is fine. I connected it to my iPhone, and music is still playing.
    The screen is fine. It just says "No Input" and turns itself off/Standby.
    The regulator "should" be fine. Since all the other components are working.

    Thanks guys!
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    Might give it a go cleaning with some contact cleaner. It's basically rubbing alcohol in an aerosol can. I've used that to clean smoke/fire/water damaged PCs in the past.

    Try RevFE
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      First things first, pull it apart as much as you can, and inspect it for droplets of liquid.

      If there are any there, you have to get it off. The acid in the drink will corrode any traces very easily. Start out using a lint free cloth that is dampened in distilled water. Wipe lightly, until you have gotten any bits off.

      Then, give the whole system a good dry out. If you can split it down into smallish parts, then its a lot easier, and more likely to get all the last of the liquid out.

      But make sure that unit is dry before you power it up. If it means giving it 3 or 4 days without using it, then do it.

      Some people will also suggest using one of the contact cleaning sprays that you get from electronics stores for when you are working with circuit boards. They can be good, but just be very sparing when you use it, make sure it doesnt damage any of the plastic.

      But personally, I would go with option one, pull it apart, wipe it clean, then airdry it.

      And yeh, it happens, usually the short will just trip out the power supply and the unit is quite often okay.

      Sorry it happened dude, hope that it works out okay for you, its heartbreaking when something like this happens to your hard work.


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        Contact cleaner is a good way to do it. If you have distilled water, completely disassemble, rinse components (not hard drive) use the contact cleaner, then completely dry before use.

        Google up "spilled soda in computer" to see what experts suggest.
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          Disassembly complete. Connected the hard drive to my laptop (which I'm currently using); and the hard drive is working.
          Good news...
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            I would recomend a spray from 3M that can prevent damage to mainboards and such. Can't remember the correct name, but search for "waterproof spray 3m" on google should find it for you.


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              get a large air tight container place rice in the bottom of it, place the mother board on some spacers so the rice is not touching the board, then seal the container and place in the airing cupboard for about a week this will allow it to draw all the out of the board, also use a solvant cleaner on it around the area that has soda on it, this will clean it away.




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                OK from experience, I spilled about half a can of BAWLS on my wife's laptop.
                I turned it off and took everything out. Including the processor. I Then grabbed a can of denatured alcohol , there is not water in it. (Lowe's or Home Depot) I then poured it in a large cooking pan, then I placed the mobo, processor and memory in it over night. I gave it the occasional firm shake.
                I pulled it out the next morning, looked at it for traces of BAWLS, cleaned those with a Q-Tip and the Alcohol. Put it all back together and it is all still working 5 years later =).
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                  Ok, guys. I have news!!
                  After days of no response from the mini, I poured alcohol in a pan, and basically left the logic board in the pan with the alcohol for an hour or so. I took it out and let it dry. I turned it on next day, nothing. Two nights ago, my brother started moving around my stuff, including the mini. While I'm watching Shat on RAW, my brother turned on the mini!!
                  To prove it was not a fluke, we unplugged the mini, plugged it back in, and it turned on again!
                  I'll put it through some tests, put back the 500GB HD, run my last tests, and put it back in the MACry!!
                  I'm feeling quite good. Very good. Awesome!
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                    Cool I am happy for you. Now all you have to do is figure out what you did that worked. Btw what type of alcohol did you use?
                    My new install

                    D945GCLF2, M350 case,Xenarc 700 tsv,m-4 ATX
                    Visteon HD radio w/mitches cable, BU-353
                    2 Punch 150 amps, 1 Kicker ZX 400.1 watt
                    4 Boston Acoustic Speakers,2 Pioneer 10 subs


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                      Ha-ha!! News update:
                      Yeah, work has caught up with me. So much stuff has gone down, it's hard to believe I've been without my system for over a month!!
                      For Solocon Deus, and anyone else that might be interested:

                      After my last post, I gave it a few more test runs. A week into it, the mini starts turning itself off and on to the point it refuses to come on. At all.
                      Needless to say, I freaked out, and made plans to buy a new mini.
                      Hey, with SuperDrive, faster processor, and I can still use the same HD, $600 was well worth it, right? I bought my car new, it deserves a new unit, right?!
                      Two days after I bought, I was convinced my original mini did not die. I reapplied the same steps as I did before (which in essence, was disassemble everything, right down to the logic board, and dilute the board in rubbing alcohol). This alcohol by the way is your typical rubbing alcohol that you'd find in a Duane Reade, or a Publix or a Walgreens or something of that nature. I was about to put it all together again, when I realized I might have missed something:
                      The bottom of the mac mini. You know, the part that logic board rests on. It was still dirty.
                      And on top of that, the thermal pad looked a bit on the dirty side; and rightfully so, because the soda should have hit there first before it hit the logic board!! I thought that might explain the involuntary powering that led to my initial test's failure, so I removed the pad, cleaned the bottom housing and, applied some Arctic Silver 5 on the CPU.
                      A reassembly and a few prayers later, I turned it on. No luck.
                      Went to work and came back. I turned it on. No luck.
                      I unplugged everything. Went to work the next day. My brother, who didn't know of the prior attempts, plugged it back in, and left it plugged in until I arrived. When I walked in, I noticed the mini was on!! "I didn't touch it since I plugged it in," he told me.
                      We left it alone.
                      The same symptoms it showed before it finally powered off are the symptoms it showed before coming on for good! Now, after a week of tests, the mini powers on again!!

                      Of course, this left me with two minis, and a brand new problem: the regulator on the Car Regulator is fused. But hey, milestone by milestone, all will be up and running once again!

                      So remember folks, if the spill starts at the bottom of the mini, clean out the bottom housing and replace the thermal pad, as well as clean the logic board. Thanks to all who have contributed, and hope this helps someone!!!
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                      Currently in "tweaking" mode.

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