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Need help with Lilliput 629GL

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  • Need help with Lilliput 629GL

    hey team

    just got my Lilliput 629GL that i got off a member here but am having some issues

    ive got it working in terms of showing picture
    on both my PPC mac mini and my macbook pro
    however neither have the touch screen working

    ive tried touchscreen drivers 1.15 for the mac mini
    and e-something or other 1.16

    tried the intel ones with my mbp

    i took the screen out of its box and reconnected everything

    everything seems in good order accept it doesnt work
    when i try and calibrate it sees a 4 pin connector?
    however when i try to touch the screen to calibrate nothing happens

    anyone have any similar issues with ppc mac mini?

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    The TouchKit driver I'm using from here is version I've never successfully completed calibration. Don't know why. The touchscreen still works with this driver, though, on my Lilliput EBY701.
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      not for me
      ive tried that driver
      tried on a pc now and nothing

      is there a test or something i can do on the screen itself to make sure everything is functioning properly?