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New Project: 1957 IH Metro Van

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  • New Project: 1957 IH Metro Van

    Hello -

    I'm working on restoring this van

    and am planning on putting a mac mini to control a sound system and RV back up/rear view camera and screen since the whole vehicle is one big blindspot to drive.

    I haven't done any in car 'puters before but am rewiring the whole vehicle so now's the time to start thinking this through.

    Has anyone successfully installed a touch screen that can default to work as the rear view mirror screen? I'd really like one simple screen that will do lots of things...

    I'm inSan Francisco and any advice gratefully appreciated!

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    Hey buddy, welcome to the Mac Car realm!
    I cannot see the picture for some reason, but I googled that particular vehicle, and can only imagine the antique you have there!!

    As far as the screen defaulting to a camera view, it is possible. On my Lilliput eby-701, there are several connectors; one I have reserved for my rear camera, and the other in use with my mac mini. No plug-in intended, their newer models are supposedly pre-wired so that when you shift in reverse, the monitor automatically switches to rear-view mode...
    Something to think about.

    In any event, please repost the pic of your Metro Van, and best of luck!
    All systems are a go...
    Currently in "tweaking" mode.

    The Worklog