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Can I realize this on MacCar?

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  • Can I realize this on MacCar?

    Hi, iam new in comp-building and i need some help.
    I want to build computer based on Mac, cuz i think it cheapest, easiest and cuz i like Mac.

    Here is what i want realize on computer, but i'm not sure if everything is ok. Please tell me where i do mistake and what i need to do:

    1. Navigatian. Russia navigation programs work only on Windows, thets why i need to install Windows on my Mac as alternative system. For this i need only GPS-USB module, isn't it?
    2. Front camera. i need to fix all that happend on the road. And camera should be turn ON everytime when i ride. What i need for this? More DDR Memory? Alternative usb video-card?
    3. Ingine Information. can i connect OBD-usb(or UBD-Wi-Fi) interface on mac?
    4. AUX I need to connect my computer to my standert music system whith AUX output. How i can realize it?
    5. Good USB-Hub. Is it ok?

    sorry for my english and sorry if repeat oneself

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    Welcome to the Mac-Car forum! And I hope I understood everything you are asking about.

    1) Navigation. Yes, your best bet would be windows on a mac. Not because of hardware (USB connections and such) but because of software (iGuidance vs. Garmin Mobile PC). The mac navigation software is not as good currently as Windows navigation software. So that is why you need windows on a mac. Not only must you get a GPS USB unit, but navigation software as well. Bear this in mind.

    2) Front Camera. This can work two ways (I know of anyway): a USB camera connected to the mac, which can come on every time you turn on the Mac and activate an app; or a camera connected to your LCD monitor, which can come on every time the car itself turns on. With the unit connected to the monitor, it will always be on and you can toggle between that and the mac; you just cannot record. With the USB connection, it will record, and you can have it on in your background while handling other applications; it will just take up a USB port and some RAM (at least 1GB).

    3) Engine information. There is a mac application called QCar which can check the status; it is in demo mode and there is a fee for getting the full thing. In windows, should you buy a car regulator to power the mac/screen/accesories, the software comes with it for free. And you can use with the car regulator to view engine stats. I personally don't use it, but it is a cool function to have.

    4) Aux. Generally, all you will need is a connection between the Line/Out headphone port, and the aux port in the car. That's it. If you wish further control of volume, balance, treble and such, you will need an amplifier, and possibly an equalizer. From personal experience, the amp is a must if you do not already have it; the equalizer is just extra. But yes, you can connect a mac with the aux port.

    5) Good USB Hub. This depends on what mac you use. If the mac you use has 5 USB ports, a hub is not really necessary. If it has less than that, then you might want to consider getting a hub that is car friendly. The store does sell them for decent prices; check 'em out.

    Hope all this helps, and best of luck to ya!
    Also, what car are you using??
    All systems are a go...
    Currently in "tweaking" mode.

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      Aux Imput- You said you need to connect the Mac to the Aux output of your current setup, do you mean that you want to play the music from the Mac through the car speakers as it is set up or you that you have music from the current set up that need to go to the Mac? I personally use a free program called LineIn to provide a way to allow me an auxiliary imput for connecting Mp3 players and such to my system. If you need to connect the computer the the car's current setup go to the FAQ section. It is full of good information and almost all of it will work for both Mac and PC based setups.